Google Adwords Course
1 to 1 to meet your needs!

  • Google Adwords course that is based on your PPC requirements
  • Focused on minimising your spend while maximising traffic to your site
  • Account set-up through to campaign management

This Google Adwords Course includes:


1. Will Adwords help your business?

Discover the pros and cons of using Google Adwords and will it give you a return on investment.


2. Create a live campaign during the Google Adwords course

With our expert guidance, you will create a live Adwords account for your business. This Google Adwords training course is private and hands-on.


3. What search terms are your potential customers using on Google

Find the exact search terms your customers and competitors are using and how to best to include these in your Adwords strategy.

4. Learn how to design compelling ads that customers want to click on

Learn how to get your ads to stand out from other search results.

5. How to measure your Adwords campaigns and budget effectively

Learn how to measure and manage your campaigns especially minimising your spend while maximising the right click through rate.


6. Learn how to tweak and monitor your Adwords campaign to maximise results

Your Google Ads need be regularly monitored and adjusted to grow your sales and to minimise your spend.

You want to develop your own Google Adwords strategy and drive traffic to your business?

This Google Adwords course will focus on your business needs. We will give you lots of practical tips and guides so you can immediately see what return you can expect on running a Google Adwords campaign.


SEO Training Basic Course Details

This Google Adwords course is typically run in 1 day chunks. The price is per day and includes all preparation of course materials and follow-on support.

The course can be held at your premises. Please contact us to discuss your Adwords course requirements.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for your Google Adwords course price.

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