SEO Course
designed for your needs!

  • SEO course that is based on your web presence and competitive environment
  • Focused on your business goals giving clear explanations and guidance
  • Use SEO tools on your site and get immediate competitive knowledge

This SEO Course can include:


1. Learn how to improve your website ranking and authority

Discover how Google evaluates your website versus your competition. Find out how to increase your ranking position.

2. Who are your real competitors and find out how they achieve their ranking

Analyse your competitive environment. What are the SEO threats you need to worry about and where are the SEO opportunities.


3. What search terms are your potential customers using on Google

Find the exact search terms your customers and competitors are using and how to best to include these in your SEO strategy and website.

4. What does local local SEO mean and how to improve your positioning

Are you using Google knowledge graph: brand, position, rich snippets and knowledge box? Find out how you can improve your local positioning.

5. Learn how to increase your international website traffic

Do you want to increase your website traffic from other countries? We will show you the best technical and marketing techniques to increase your ranking on different search engines across different geographies.


6. Learn how to optimise your web pages for different search engines

Learn how to help the search engines to associate the right search terms (the one’s your customers use!) with the right landing page(s).

7. Content marketing and how best to get your content shared

Find the best strategies for getting other websites to link to your site. Improve your trust and site/page authority with Google.

8. How does Social Media effect your SEO strategy

Understand how to use Social Media to improve your SEO rankings – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

9. Learn how to convert more of your on-line traffic into sales

Learn how to improve user experience and increase your conversion rates by improving your call to actions, content and usability of your site.

10. Discover the tools that make SEO easier and faster!

Discover the best SEO tools and white papers to help you implement a successful SEO strategy.

You want to develop your own SEO strategy and be able to optimise your own website?

This SEO course will focus on your business environment and your website. We will give you lots of practical tips and guides so you can immediately see a content and ranking improvement on your website.


SEO Training Basic Course Details

This SEO course is typically run in 1 day chunks. The price is per day and includes all preparation of course materials and follow-on support.

The course can be held at your premises. Please contact us to discuss your SEO course requirements.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for your SEO course price.

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