SEO Audit

  • Find out why your website is performing so poorly
  • Detailed competitive performance is included – learn how to beat the competition
  • Discover the low hanging fruit – quick changes that can enhance your SEO performance

1. Visitor Engagement

Are the visitors to your website having a good experience. Discover the issues that you can address and compare your performance to your competition.

If your competitors’ wedsite offers better engagement than yours, you may notice a drop in your search rankings!

2. Are your SEO building blocks in place?

We will analyse your key search term strategy and on-page SEO set-up. With our expert guidance, we will identify the quick wins for improvement and detail longer term actions for SEO success.

3. Technical SEO is about making technology work for your business

Technical errors on your website can often hamper Google’s ability to explore and understand your content. This can lead to pages not being indexed and a decrease in your search ranking.

4. Get more inbound links - Content Marketing

Get a detailed review of your content and social media strategy. We will provide you with recommendations to increase customer engagement, decrease bounce rates and opportunities to generate inbound links.


5. What search terms are your potential visitors using on Google

We will identify the exact search terms your customers and competitors are using. We will compare these to the density of terms used on your pages and look to enhance your SEO strategy and website.

6. Learn how to tweak and monitor your site to increase conversions

We will identify opportunities to improve your conversion rate so that more of your visitors do what you want them to do – make an enquiry, fill out a form or buy your products/service.

7. Presentation of the SEO audit results

We will present the findings of the SEO audit to you and you colleagues. The presentation meeting normally lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

You want to develop your business on-line?

Our SEO audit provides you with the information and knowledge to make the right changes on your website to grow your on-line business.  We will give you lots of tips and guides so you can immediately make some of the necessary changes.

Typical SEO Audit Content

…  Creative Direction

…  First impressions of Website

…  Headers

…  Image Review (Size & Tags)

…  CTA’s

…  User Experience

…  Geo Targeting

…  Name Search

…  On-Page Competitive Comparison

…  Key Term Competitive Comparison

…  Readability Competitive Comparison

…  Link Authority Competitive Comparison

…  Meta Competitive Comparison

…  Broken Link Analysis

…  Site speed Analysis

…  Key Term Density Page Analysis

…  Competition Key Term Density Page Analysis

…  Google Search Terms!

…  Your Search Performance

…  Google Knowledge Graph

…  Rich Snippets

…  Inbound Link Analysis

…  Competitive Site Traffic Comparison

…  Mobile Comparison

…  Social Engagement Review

…  Crawl Budget Update

…  Recommendations

SEO Audit

SEO Training Basic Course Details

Our SEO audit typically takes 2 weeks to carry out. The price includes all SEO and website analysis and presentation of the findings to you and your colleagues.

Please contact us to discuss your SEO audit requirements.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for your SEO audit price.

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