Basic SEO Training

  • 1-day SEO training course to get a complete overview of search engine requirements
  • Focused on real websites giving clear explanations and guidance
  • Use SEO tools on your site and get immediate competitive knowledge

1. Learn what it takes to get your website ranking higher on Google

Using simple, plain English with lots of examples, discover how Google evaluates your website and your ranking position is decided.

2. Check out the competition. See how your competitors achieve their ranking

Analyse how your top-ranking competitors achieved their Google ranking and find out their strengths and your SEO opportunities.


3. Find the best search terms that people use to find your business

Discover the exact key-terms your customers and competitors are using and how to increase your website ranking on Google for those key-terms.

4. Local SEO: what does local SEO mean and how to improve your positioning

Find out about Google knowledge graph: brand, position, rich snippets and knowledge box and how you can improve your local positioning.


5. Learn how to perfectly optimise your web pages for Google

Learn how to make your web pages rank on Google (on-page SEO) for the search terms your customers are actually using.

6. Content marketing and how best to get your content shared and links back to your site

Discover the best strategies for getting other websites to link to your website to improve your trust and site/page authority with Google.

You want to develop your own SEO strategy and be able to optimise your own website?

This basic SEO training course will teach you the fundamentals of SEO! We will also give you lots of practical tips and guides so you can immediately see a content and ranking improvement on your website.


SEO Training Basic Course Details

This course runs for 7.5 hours. The price is per individual and includes all preparation of course materials and follow-on support.

The course is held in training rooms around Ireland. Please contact us to find a course taking place near you.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the course is €495 + VAT for the each attendee.

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