Should I Consider Mobile Marketing For My Blog?

As bloggers, we all understand the importance of SEO and marketing. Unless you can get the word out about your blog, it can be difficult for it to gain traction. If you wait for people to stumble upon your site without working on your SEO or marketing, you could end up waiting a very long time indeed. But let’s say that you have been sharing on social media, used some PPC marketing, and tried guest blogging as well and you still aren’t getting the kinds of results that you want. Are there any other avenues for you to explore?

Check Your Content

First and foremost, you need to do a blog audit and check the content. Be ruthless – how good is it really? Are you providing information that people are interested in? Is it well thought out and well presented? Is it properly optimized for SEO?

Now Think Outside The Box

If it’s not the content itself that is the problem, it’s time to start getting creative. Why not take a page out of the business world and consider mobile marketing? As you will see in the infographic from AppGeeks on this page, businesses use mobile marketing in many different ways.

Does mobile marketing make sense for a blogger?

But does mobile marketing make sense for a blogger? It actually could, considering that, in 2016, estimates were that 62.9% of the population were using mobile phones and this is projected to grow to 67% in 2019. Taking advantage of this trend could not only give you another avenue for marketing but also another revenue stream.

How Could A Blogger Use Mobile Marketing?

What about an SMS campaign notifying subscribers that you have made a new post? Or what about being more creative? Is there an app that you can create that relates to your blog? Say, for example, that you run a fitness blog, could you create a workout app? It doesn’t have to be extremely complex; it could be as simple as creating a basic calculator app that works out calories burned during exercise. Figure out what it is that people would be most likely to want to use. Another alternative is in-game advertising. But why not take this up to a whole new level by creating a game based on the content of your blog? Again, these games do not have to be extremely complex; they just need to be interesting enough for people to keep on playing them.

The list of opportunities is only limited by the extent of your imagination.

You can then offer them extra points for heading over to your blog, or consider creating blog content that centers on the game as well. What about creating a “How-to” page? Or a “Competitions” page where people can win points to use in the game? The list of opportunities is only limited by the extent of your imagination. There are many possibilities when it comes to mobile marketing. Start thinking about this concept to boost the readership of your blog.

Impact of Mobile Marketing

The infogram (from shows the impact of Mobile Marketing for a range of well known brands.


Infographic published with permission from

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